a magical shelf.

"No better place to start than today." Or something like that.

Welcome to Studio O'Reilly. If this is your first time to the site, you're in good company, because this is our first official blog post! If you've been here before just waiting for us to get our act together, then thanks for sticking with us! We'll try not to disappoint... but no promises!

There will be ALL kinds of posts coming from this ol' site. Things we stumble across that inspire us, projects we are working on for clients, things we're doing at our own home, and probably a good amount of other things yet to be discovered. This should be fun.

Let's get right to it. We've been in our home for just under 3 years, and we are LOVING it. We'll save details for a future post, but we basically walked into a situation where a "gut" was the only option, so naturally, we jumped on it.

As our family has grown, even in three short years, our oldest has already transitioned rooms. Aside from our main living room/kitchen/dining(we have an open concept)... his room was the "most complete" with just one or two missing elements.

 This is our first home, and three years in, we're still finishing rooms! (don't judge!)

My wife had a vision for the completion of the room, and she knew what she wanted, but a year into looking, she was still on the lookout. Until about a week ago, when she stumbled across Barnwood DesignsNY. They had the perfect size and exactly what she was looking for. A "magical" floating shelf.

Not only was it super easy to install, it is sturdy enough for a toddler to stand on! (although we really hope that isn't in our future...)

We are really happy with how it turned out! What do you think?

We(Jonathan!) is a pretty big basketball fan, and as such, Miles is learning the ways!

We(Jonathan!) is a pretty big basketball fan, and as such, Miles is learning the ways!